Amazing Relay advantages


Saving your time

The Amazing Relay extension refreshes loads list and books the best loads for you


Awesome user experience

Set up filters and just click the Start button. The Amazing Relay extension will inform you about new posted loads or will book it for you. With this amazing solution you will no longer have to manually refresh the Load Board page losing good paying loads


Advanced filters

The Amazing Relay extension has tonns of useful filters which other autobookers don't. Try and see it yourself for free!

Advanced features and filters

Ignore non-Amazon facilities, recovery and railroad loads

Ignore non-Amazon facilities, recovery loads and also loads that require UIIA certification (BNSF, CSXT or NSRR) with a simple click of a button

Time zones

Loads listed on the load board have different time zones that could be inconvenient due to a lack of the native time zone setting. The Amazing Relay extension can unify all time zones to a desirable one

Base rate per mile at a glance

The Amazing Relay extension brings base rate per mile value right next to the original rate per mile value so you can see how much a certain load is without fuel and toll surcharges with no need to click buttons

Focus on booking browser tab

If you have multiple tabs open don't worry about missing a load on a tab that is not in focus (focused?). The Amazing Relay extension will bring a focus to it

Automatic search restart

In case a load was not booked corresponding sound notification will ring and search will restart itself without a need to click the «Start» button

Pickup/delivery states and locations

The Amazing Relay extension can filter loads by their states and facilities codes. Specify states and Amazon facilities you want to pick up a load from or exclude some of them

Stops count for one way and round trip loads on a same tab

Stops count can be specified separately for one way and round trip loads in the same tab. Usually loads with lesser stops are paid higher

Disable annoying Load Board page elements

The Amazing Relay extension can hide needless elements on a page load such as «Reccommended Loads» section, general announcements pop-ups, zip codes and many more

«Team miles» filter

With this filter you will never miss a short load that was designated for team drivers

Extra useful filters

«Buffer time» and «Deadhead miles coefficient» features will save your company from being out of business due to late arrivals for pick ups and will help you keeping the On-Time score at 100%

Save your and your driver's time by not booking recovery loads. Recovery loads are well known for a 50/50 chance of being cancelled

The Amazing Relay extension can filter out non-Amazon facilities if you don't want to pick up loads from there

Always be in the know if a load's payout goes up

While searching for a desirable load manually (without autobook) be able to book a load with 1 click (can be deactivated)

The Amazing Relay extension has multiple sound notifications that are different for Load Board events such as when load is booked, load is missed or load is found

Adjusting your speed with the Amazing Relay extension is the easiest thing among all autobookers. Human-like behavior is already built into the code so you only have to choose among the speed itself not worrying about is it «Based», «Specific», «Human-like», «Robotic» or  is it anything else. Pick your speed between 4, 3, 2, 1 (or even less) times per second per tab

Specify date and time to start or stop search in the Load Board tab

Try 10 days of the full version for free

Start booking Amazon loads with Amazing Relay to save your time and grow your income. Click the button below to download the Amazing Relay extension


Features description

During the 10-day trial period, you will have unlimited access to the Amazing Relay standard plan. No payment is required to activate the trial. Once the trial period ends, you will automatically be switched to the free version of Amazing Relay, which has limited features. To regain access to the standard plan please use this payment page

In our extension «Amazing Relay», there are two built-in functions that allow reducing Amazon's attention to the use of our extension. However, you should know that Amazon explicitly prohibits the use of bots and/or any other software to gain an advantage when working with the Load board. Nevertheless, as practice shows, Amazon is not as strict with respect to auto-bookers as it is with other violations of its policy. Account blocking usually occurs not immediately, but after a warning email message from Amazon. In two years of active use of our extension, none of the carriers have received such messages, so, as of today, using «Amazing Relay» is relatively safe.

Any Chromium-based browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge etc). Mozilla Firefox, Opera, MacOS Safari and mobile browsers (iOS Safari, Android devices) are NOT supported. We recommend to use Google Chrome browser